One Year Later…

By: dinofiend

Mar 19 2015

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It’s been a year! I forgot about this blog. So, once again, it is the end of winter term, and it is finals week. Yes, I am writing this to procrastinate.

This year has gone quite a bit better, at least, if you want a quantifiable measure, more hours of sleep at more regular times. In some ways, it may have been worse, but at least I seem to be less stressed and more relaxed than last year at this time! I suspect the lack of animation classes this year has a large influence on that…

Oh yeah, we fostered a kitten last term. SUCH CUTE. SO FUN. WOW.

My apologies for the use of meme-references.

Oh! And in orchestra this term, we played Jupiter from “The Planets”, and the lullaby and finale from “The Firebird”. Has to be my NUMBER ONE MOST FAVORITE HORN SOLO EVER. I didn’t get to be the soloist, but that’s okay. I think I enjoyed the experience much more without the pressure.

Spring showed up this week, said hi, and disappeared again. So rude, geez. Winter was less fun this year without any skiing :I Although ice skating was great! At least there’s that 🙂


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