By: dinofiend

Mar 10 2014

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Do we all have those days were we feel like Smeagol? I’m not referring to being mad over obsession about something (although I’ve had some startling periods of that), but just a general combo of anguish and insanity.

Every term is like a regular pattern of feeling alright, feeling stressed, feeling overwhelmed, regretting taking on so much, feeling totally incompetent, feeling tortured, lots of crying along the way, little sleep but much absent-mindedness, hating myself, so much desire to give up, highs and lows of relief and despair, exhaustion, sorrow, and then desperate packing and a week-long break. Sometimes two, sometimes three for Christmas. Being totally lazy and exhausted, sometimes content and sometimes still sad, trying to recover from finals hell, and then going back again….

😦 I have a week of classes and finals week left. Then I move out of the country for co-op. So after a nice coushy few days to relax and restore my mental health, I can begin packing and move out at a nice, leisurely pace. Yep. Yeah….. or I can have a final on Saturday afternoon and move out on Sunday, flying Monday morning. Yeah. Or that. Muh…. 

Sorry, this wasn’t really about smeagol


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