Sleep? Me? Funny!

By: dinofiend

Feb 23 2014

Category: Uncategorized

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Well, looks like all-nighter season has come early this term… Creepin’ it up in the lab ’til the wee hours. I actually saw someone else come in to the building while taking a break and staring out into the lobby from the fifth floor. Oops, hope they didn’t see me.

I think I’ll aim to go home and sleep before sunrise, and then I can sleep until 10:30ish. I usually don’t get much done after waking up (which may or may not be in the morning) so it’s probably best to just stay up until I’ve gotten a decent chunk of this stuff done. Haha, that’s what I said last week!

Ha… ha… uhhhhhggghh

Is it April yet? Alberta here I commmmmme.


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