By: dinofiend

Feb 15 2014

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I get to ski tomorrow! Yes!!! Never missed a year since starting in kindergarten, although the past few years have unfortunately been reduced to just once or twice a season 😦

Watching the olympics has had me craaaving it though… the crisp wind whistling in your face, the sweet feel of those wide, sweeping carves… have to work on my backwards skiing too, haven’t mastered turning left yet. I don’t go for terrain parks much, but I think that’s mostly because I ski with my mom 😛 


2 comments on “SKIING”

  1. Ahhhhh so satisfying! My calves are burning today, I love skiing sooo much. I think I need a more challenging place than Blue Mountain though, I skied their black diamond and double diamond runs all day and was fine with it. Nothing to conquer there, and it was probably the busiest day all year (someone almost got into a fist fight arguing with a line cutter at the chairlift), but it was still totally awesome. Gosh darnit though, I wish my friends were skiers/boarders too! <:U

  2. I forgot about this blog for a year. Whoops! Anyway, I sadly didn’t get to go skiing this season 😦 Budget is getting tighter, and the timing just never worked out. Sigh… I’ll dream of mountain skies tonight…

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