Snow Storms in the City

By: dinofiend

Feb 13 2014

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Philly, like pretty much everywhere this winter, has been getting an awful lot of snow. The suburbs lost power last week, and one person I know didn’t get it back for 10 days!! That’s almost as bad as the October “surprise” storm we had in the Buffalo area back in 2005 or 2006 or something. I’ll talk about that one another time (crazy jazz, man. crazy).

So anyway, living on a city campus within a few blocks of everything I need (except the grocery store, stinkin’ 10 blocks >:U ), and being from Canadian descent and raised in Buffalo, a snow storm to me really only means puttin’ on the snow boots instead of sneakers. It doesn’t mean I need to stock-pile the fridge, it doesn’t mean the world needs to shut down. If it’s less than three feet, what’s the big deal??

The Philadelphia area (city to suburb and back) already has some hellish traffic issues for regular commuters, but it seems that when an inch or two of snow falls, my commuter friends all have to add hours to their planned driving times. Such madness! Everything seems so normal in the city… I can hardly even tell it’s snowing unless I peer closely at the street outside. I miss you Clarence NY :I someday I WILL live in a land of proper winters again.

But I’m not complaining about classes being cancelled for tomorrow, that’s for sure, hahaha!!


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