Rocky the Tortoise

By: dinofiend

Feb 12 2014

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So, you know how in books and such, sometimes a character will be going through a really rough time and then they are surprised by a very pleasant dream? It always seemed like a cute concept but not one I’ve ever experienced, until last night sorta. 

In my dream, I adopted a 50-pound “rock tortoise” and named it Rocky. I took it back to my dorm and fed it a carrot, which it took bites of as I held it. So cute! I even “woke up” during the dream to find that Rocky was still there. I was so, so happy as I woke up and told my roommate about it, and still am! This really brightened my morning, so thanks, brain, for the wonderfully pleasant and vivid dream! 

P.S. My mom also adopted a dog during the dream. And the part where I “woke up” was at a lecture hall where I had seemingly dozed off, oops. Such a slacker, even in dreamland :I


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