By: dinofiend

Feb 12 2014

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The choir is singing this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJr5Gzaa2ig

So they need an orchestra, and I was asked to take part. Awesome! Sounds fun, I love orchestra. Oh it’s Dvorak, even better. He’s pretty cool. M’k, m’k, music looks fine, m’k… wow, a lot of movements here. Pretty long… we’re rehearsing a few times right? Oh, wait just once, m’k… oop, wait, first movement’s in D, that’ll need transposing… okay, another in D, okay… and in E… these ones are in B, what? Okay… hm…. nothing in F at all?? There’s ten movements! Yeesh time to start writing in notes I guess :U I love you orchestra, I really do, I swear. But can’t we release new versions of pieces that are written in the keys that the instruments actually use? Yes someone please do that m’k thanks.

But transposing woes aside, I’m really looking forward to it! Another piece to add to my library of music memories C:


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